Hey, nice to meet you! I am Gaurav. I love building web and mobile products impacting millions of users every day.

A gym-freak millennial on a day-off, trying to squeeze in as many workouts as humanly possible. I’m the guy who prefers his cappuccinos sugar-free and can tackle Monday blues head-on but Sunday night binge-watch sessions might take the wheel occasionally :) . My music preferences range from Kishore Kumar on a rainy day to Coldplay during hustled workout sessions. A Manchester City FC aficionado of sorts (with a wardrobe half-filled with MCFC jerseys). Dog person and a nature lover.


  • Generating ideas and comprehending the big picture
  • Simplifying complexity and bring order to chaos
  • Breaking down vague goals into actionable tasks
  • Building things from scratch and getting things done
  • Developing amazing high-performance teams
  • Focusing on delivering key outcomes, within the constraints

Areas of Expertise

  • Product Management and Marketing, Agile, Technology Strategy, Enterprise Software & Solutions
  • UX & UI, Design Thinking, User Experience Design, Service Design, Systems Thinking
  • Market Research, Go to Market, Customer Acquisition and Retention, Growth and Data Analytics.

I have worked on projects like NativeBase, BuilderX, and apibeats